Saturday, July 19, 2014

Some sad news.  Domino was found dead in her field last week.  She was 23.  She was discovered on the 10th July 2014 lying down with her head between her forelegs and it is thought she may have had a heart attack.  We shall never know the real cause of course but it's nice to think that she didn't suffer - at least for very long.

Domino had been at the Dunlewey Trekking yard in Co Donegal ever since Rose Cottage Riding School closed in 2011 at the expiry of its lease.  There she had been able to maintain her 'standards' of (almost) always having grazing with sea views and I am sure she had managed to get her way with those at the yard just as she had when at Malin.  It always took quite a while to get her to realise what life was really all about!

The picture here shows her doing what she enjoyed most - eating!  There are more pictures of Domino enjoying life at and some too at The malinriding website is being kept open for a little longer but some time in 2015 it will be closed down.  However an image of it will be maintained at so it will be possible to peruse the whole site as it was when closed down.


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