Thursday, December 09, 2010

Catching up on lost time...

Well, I haven't really been a very active blogger up to now (just two since 2005!) but at least here is a follow up to the last one about the birth of little Patrick, the foal produced by my former horse Domino and a coloured Irish stallion. On the far left is a picture of him about two days old. and then on the immediate left is 'little' Patrick in June 2010! He is a handsome colt with very unusual colouring. He has his mothers blaze and stars (though they are merged!), his mother's knees and he seems to have his mother's obsession with mints, carrots and apples too. Domino is about 16.3hh but the Sire was shorter so Patrick is about 15+hh. He hasn't been 'broken-in' yet but that might soon start now that he's over three - as this picture shows he certainly likes to see what's going on whenever humans appear. Up to now he has been kept sharing a field with foals of a similar age and they have simply been learning how to be horses. That is always a good approach.


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