Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Domino has a puncture

My horse Domino has a puncture (rear left hoof) and is currently being kept on the yard. She's bored out of her skull so I get a good welcome when I call to see her with carrots, apple and some mints. Used the opportunity to groom her a bit today too and trim her mane, tail and forlock so she looks a bit smarter. Also managed to locate her Wug which as happens had disappeared. Found it in a different part of the yard so am suspicious that it may have been on another horse...!


At 3:50 pm, Blogger PP said...

Well, here's an update on poor Domino who is STILL being kept in. The yard have been so good. They have been poulticing her hoof for ages but after a short while with little improveemnt, we had to get the Vet in. He gave her penicillin but still there was a lot of infection. After a few more days only one place still was infected and in desperation more than anything else, the farrier who was on the yard that day, had a look. He opened up the infected hole in her frog and found a piece of wood about 3/4 inch long and about 3/8ths inch wide and say 1/8 thick! He poked down a bit more and saw another piece the same size! Digging in further he found a third smaller piece. That means that poor Domino had had a piece of wood nearly 2 inches long embedded straight into her hoof all this time. Amazingly she didn't even flinch as the farrier dug in so deep. She's now regarded as a star on the yard. More drugs, another vet visit and thankfully she is now on the mend. No more pus as of yesterday but she will have to stay in till the frog has not only healed but hardened again. Anyone know how long that takes?

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